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What is public relations

It is a well-thought-out, planned and continuous building of the image of a company or organization in line with the one adopted in the strategy. The goal of PR activities is to build a social climate in which the company can thrive. The PR agency is responsible for tracking social views and attitudes, it serves as an early warning system, whereas reliable and ethical communication techniques are its main instruments.


  • development of communication strategies with the media,
  • organization of a press office (traditional and online),
  • media map management,
  • press conferences and briefings,
  • media monitoring and analysis,
  • preparation and update of media bases,
  • press trip,
  • preparing and updating media bases,
  • organization of photo sessions,


  • creation and maintenance of websites,
  • creation and content management in social media
  • blogosphere,
  • crisis management on the Internet,
  • B2B: newsletters, mailings etc., presentations ppt.


  • development of long-term strategies in the field of corporate social responsibility,
  • building relationships with employees, business partners, authorities and stakeholders,
  • social and educational campaigns,
  • implementation of ecological programs in the company,
  • reporting.


  • press releases and other texts for the media,
  • website content,
  • SEO content,
  • scenario of the events,
  • occasional materials – wishes, speeches, etc.,
  • corporate newsletters.

Corporate communication

  • strategic consulting
  • preparation of communication strategy
  • building the image of the board and
  • positioning of experts in the media
  • building relationships with stakeholders
  • internal communication
  • building the employer’s image (employer branding)
  • B2B communication
  • content creation

Special events

  • corporate events,
  • social and motivational events,
  • conferences and briefings,
  • fairs and exhibitions,
  • photo sessions,
  • trainings,
  • galas and special events.
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