Public relations agency focussed on promoting food and wine brands

We have been supporting brand development on the Polish market for over 12 years. We specialize in the food, wine and HoReCa industry. Our activities not only constitute a tangible export support, but are also aimed at educating young consumers and promoting food and drink trends.

We will take care of the presence of your brand in Polish industry media, on the Internet and social media profiles, organize tastings and presentations.

Everything in order to:


Support effective development of the sales network


Save the time and money you would have to spend on getting to know the market and on business trips



React efficiently to the needs of the Polish market

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the market, we present wines that are in line with the sector and the buyers’ needs.

We build strategies for the development of your brand on the Polish market

1. Evaluation

An estimate of the capital of your product, taking into account the specificity of the Polish market and purchasing decisions of Poles

2. Creation

Build your capability improvement roadmap

3. Implementation

Put your strategic plan into real action

4. Action

Let us carry out complex activities to achieve the goals

Relationships with opinion leaders

Media, bloggers, sommeliers – they are the carriers of information that reach the buyers, but also the end customer and ultimately have influence on their purchasing decisions.

What we can do for you?:

Press office

We build lasting relationships with the media to ensure the regular presence of your brand in the press and industry portals.


Nothing builds relationships as effectively as the direct contact. That is why we invite opinion leaders for a tasting, so that they can get to know your products better. We take care of the creation, logistics and an unforgettable atmosphere, in turn, you will gain loyal ambassadors.

Content marketing

Interesting content in social media is a broad term. It can be anything that users find entertaining, educating or relevant. Spending time on searching the web and creating content can be daunting, so we can do it for you.

Media and VIP tour

Would you like to invite special guests and take them around your region of production, or to show them the production process of your wines? We take care of guest lists and make sure that they do not lack anything.

Export support

From year to year, we build a strong network of efficient buyers.
To support your sales activities, we will organize tastings and presentations on your behalf for importers and distributors that you already cooperate with or you would like to establish the cooperation with. We take care of professional information and education materials.

You can be sure that your proactive attitude towards business partners will result in permanent relationships and established position on the Polish market.

Digital marketing

Polish Internet users spend almost 6 hours per day on the Internet. To get noticed, you should be present on all key digital channels. Their user experience with your brand should be consistent, seamless and device-independent.

Generation X will soon become the largest wine consumer demographic. Millennials are reaching legal drinking age and have dramatically different social and behavioural patterns: the high-tech freak selfie generation is the next wave of wine enthusiasts.

Do not waste your chance and make sure your brand is properly displayed online.

Responsive websites


Social media channels


Building engagement


Online shops


Why Poland? A few facts

Poland is one of the least developed wine markets in Europe. However, stimulated by economic growth, wine sales are booming.
Poland’s wine market is growing 10% annually. It has done so since the turn of the decade, and this is one of the highest growth rates seen anywhere in Europe. There’s a lot happening demographically in Poland which suggests imports will rise in the coming years.

Wine is still often perceived as a luxury product, but Poles drink more good quality wine every year, and their choices are becoming more and more conscious.
In the perspective of product development on the Polish market, it is crucial to build a strong brand and educate consumers about quality wines, production processes and wine consumption patterns.

For more details, please contact:

Karolina Sieniawska

CEO, PR Manager
mob.: +48 696172123

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